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  • What if I need more time? 

    • We don't believe in rushing our actors. If there isn't a booking directly after yours, going over a little is not a problem. We have a built-in 10 minute grace period. Anything over 10 minutes beyond your original scheduled time will be billed using the appropriate time cost.

  • What if I'm late?

    • It's Atlanta and sometimes traffic can be a problem. Please plan for this. If there is a booing directly after yours we cannot guarantee extended time beyond your original booking, but we understand things happen and will try to accommodate for any unexpected delays.

  • What if I have to cancel?

    • Text and/or email us as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate a reschedule. Refunds are possible with a minor cancellation fee to cover service booking fees imposed by WIX. Full refunds are only available if you cancel an hour before your session start time. Otherwise you will be billed the full amount.

  • What if I'm early to my booking?

    • Try to show up no more than 5 minutes before your booking. Please wait outside until someone comes for you. Do not knock or come in as we may be with another client. If the weather is bad, we suggest waiting in your car. If you taxied in, then we can let you wait in the main house lounge area. Just notify via text in case we're with another client.​

  • Is coaching included?

    • No. Only if you book a session with one of our coaches will coaching be provided. Otherwise, one of our tapers will be there to guide you technically, but will not provide coaching beyond that.

  • When do I get my tape?

    • You should be booking enough time for our editors to edit and deliver your tape within the session time. Clients sessions are priority, so if you don't leave enough time during your session for us to edit and deliver your tape, we can't guarantee quick turnarounds. However, we do guarntee same day turnarounds. Please notify us when booking if you have a time contraint.

  • What camera do you use?

    • We use an HD cinema grade camera with prime lenses​. The quality is on par with that of professional feature films.

  • What backgrounds do you have?

    • We have multiple backgrounds for use depending on the mood of your scene. Once sides are shared, we will select an appropriate taping background. If you have a preference, that can be accommodated within the room.​

  • Can a parent or friend come to the audition booking with me?

    • Of course, but no more than one.

  • Can I change clothes or get ready at the studio?

    • Hair and makeup should be done before showing up to your booking. We provide a full length mirror for quick touch ups. Clothing changes can be accommodated if you're doing two different scenes that require different looks. However, this is all included within your scheduled booking slot. If you need extra time, please factor that into the amount of time you book out.​

  • Are there restrooms?

    • Yes. However, this space is a home, so please be respectful of the space and people who live here.

  • Other questions?

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