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Ready to showcase your talent?
Schedule a consultation now and let's create your custom demo reel together

  • We start with a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to get a sense of your needs.
  • Five scene loglines are written to give you a variety of choices.
  • Once a concept is chosen a 1-2 page script is written. Two edits included. You get final approval.
  • Location, props, wardrobe chosen. A scene partner will be cast opposite you.
  • One hour long in-person rehearsal at the studio included.
  • Shoot day is 3 hours long. 1 hour setup. 1.5 hours to shoot. 30 minute breakdown.
  • Scene is edited, color corrected, and scored. Two revisions included. You get final approval.
  • Delievered in Full 1080p HD
  • Only $500 per scene (Avg cost of a custom scene in NY or LA = $1,500 - $3,000)
  • Note on Location - Props - Wardrobe
    • Specialized locations may have to be booked via sites like at cost to you.​ Spaces range from 50/hr to 150/hr. You have final say.
    • Props will be sourced between yourself and the studio. Specialized props may need to be purchased if not avaliable at cost to you.
    • Wardrobe will be provided by you. Specialized items may need to be purchased at cost to you.
    • Makeup & Hair will be done by you. A Makeup Artist can be hired at an additional cost.
  • Save $100 by booking with a friend. Only $400 per person.
    • You'll be in the same scene opposite each other.
    • Share the cost of booking a specialized location or purchasing props.
  • Why use this service when I could film it myself?
    • EXPERIENCE: I've created over 75 custom film reels for actors. I've written and directed multiple festival winning short films and have written two feature films. I'm efficent, knowledgeable, and resourceful saving you time and money.​​​
    • QUALITY: I have a full studio worth of high-end equipment and a professional editing suite with years of experience in how to use them. 
    • MONEY: Professional equipment rentals alone would cost you over $1,000. Then you have to learn how to use them. Sure, you could shoot it on an iPhone with basic lights and edit it in iMovie, but will it look good? Quality matters.
  • How long is the whole process?
    • This varies depending on schedules, but typically 3 - 4 weeks from writing the script to the delivered product​.
  • How long will the scene be?
    • 1-2 minutes. Casting Directors today don't have time to watch 5 minute scenes. They typically only watch 20-30 seconds of a clip before moving on. 1-2 minutes ensures a quality scene that showcases your talent in minimal time.
  • Can I do more than one scene?
    • Of course. Maybe you want one dramatic scene and one comedy. Variety is always good especially for newer actors who may not have much footage.
  • Can I write or direct the scene?
    • No​
  • What types of scenes do you write?
    • Scenes vary, but we do drama, comedy, thriller, action, and more. However, please manage expectations. These are ultra-low budget scenes. Don't come asking us to write a Superhero scene with a bunch of VFX effects. Be realistic. Also remember these scenes will be 1-2 minutes long.
  • Who will be my scene partner?
    • An experienced actor will be cast opposite you from my own pool of actors unless you've opted for the friend package described above.​
  • Can I do more than two writing or editing revisions?
    • Yes, but doing so will come at a cost of $50 for each additional revision.
  • Is this service refundable?
    • A full refund on your deposit is avaliable prior to writing the scene. Once the concept is chosen, the full amount will be due and NO REFUNDS will be given once writing the script has begun.​ EXCEPTIONS WILL NOT BE MADE.
    • Shoots can be rescheduled only in Emergencies (Death, Illness) Any non-refundable costs such as pre-booked locations will be incurred by you. 
  • What if I don't like the product?
    • You'' be heavily involved in the entire process of the service. Dissatisfaction with any portion should be voiced in the moment to avoid issues, but please understand what you're paying for. We are providing a High Quality product at an Affordable Price, but it will not be a full-fledged production with tons of crew, cast, and resources. Post-Delivery dissatisfaction will not result in a refund.​
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